About Nevil Warbrook

nevil-warbrookthe-owl-service-supports-bard-of-tweeddaleBorn in Oxford in 1957, Nevil is the only son of Thomas Warbrook, the celebrated poet.

A respected authority on Scottish literature and author of The Deeper Well and The Wandering Minstrel, Nevil is revising and restoring the text of MacGregor’s Acts of the Servant for Hare & Drum. In addition he is secretary of the Sir Tamburlaine Bryce MacGregor Society and hosts the Bard of Tweeddale website.

He holds a first class degree in Theology and Babylonian Studies from Israel College, Oxford, and is a lecturer on the Faculty of Irrational Inquiry at Belshade College, Oxford.

Recently divorced, he shares a house in the Wiltshire village of Avebury Trusloe with two Persian cats named Boris and Tusker. In his spare time he serves as Parish Clerk to St James Church in Avebury.

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