Acts of the Servant ~ the restored text

“The Alban Church has much in its history to be proud of, but its vilification of Tamburlaine Bryce MacGregor and his late work is not among them. It remains the case that Acts of the Servant is far from a Godly book, but we can at least now agree that it is, in the very best sense of the word, a good book.”

Prester MacKendrick, President of the Alban Church

Skye Sporting Estates Sponsors Bard of TweedaleThe publishers have asked me to present extracts of the restored text prior to publication, which I am more than happy to do. I thought it best to offer entire chapters, rather than draw individual scenes willy-nilly, and so will only offer a few pieces at a time, while ringing the changes as and when  time and energies permit.

Naturally, the text of the novel remains the copyright of Tamburlaine Bryce MacGregor and Nevil Warbrook.

r the moment I am presenting the first two prologues and the intervening chapters, thereby taking the reader some way into the narrative. Readers familiar with MacGregor’s text will find considerable changes in the exchange between Captain Titus Wolfe and Queen Charlotte in the Prologue and in the scene where Beathan Somerled encounters his soul at the end of the First Chapter. Given that the restoration of the text is ongoing, these offerings have yet to be proof-read and the reader must forgive the occasional lapse.


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