About Acts of the Servant

Harvesting Kelp. Outer Hebrides circa 1925, photographer unknownIn February 1863 Sir Tamburlaine Bryce MacGregor presented his publishers, Sir Sidney Beresford and John Lucas, with the manuscript of Acts of the Servant. Half a century ahead of its time, it was subversive, unsparing in its depiction of poverty and oppression, erotic, and full of magick. Appalled, MacGregor’s publishers condemned the work before agreeing to reconsider, pending substantial revisions.

One hundred and fifty years later the manuscript that scandalised Sir Sidney Beresford and John Lucas is lost. All that survives is the original first draft for Acts of the Servant held in the MacGregor archive at King James University, Edenborough, and the revised text published by Beresford and Lucas two years later in 1865.

In February 2016 Nevil Warbrook is a literary scholar, minor poet, and champion of Sir Tamburlaine Bryce MacGregor. Hendryk van Zelden is a conjuror turned psychic, famous for transporting Stonehenge to Eireland, and back again. Their paths meet when Van Zelden makes the  the startling claim that MacGregor was a practising sorcerer and the original lost text of Acts of the Servant contained many secrets.

Determined to prove Van Zelden wrong, Warbrook turns to MacGregor’s long-neglected first draft and studiously restores Acts of the Servant to its intended form, determined to show it is merely a work of fiction and not a handbook for magick.

What Warbrook discovers is stranger than anything he or Van Zelden could ever have imagined.acts-of-the-servantThe new edition of MacGregor’s Acts of the Servant, fully restored by Nevil Warbrook and accompanied by his copious notes and annotations, will be published by Hare & Drum of 7 Sanctuary Square, Edenborough.


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