Cruddy's supports Bard of Tweeddale-Dearie, dearie me. Terrible sorry if I mislead anyone. Rather late in the evening here – or night perhaps. Yes it is night. Longer evening at the Red Lion than I intended and perhaps I oughtn’t to have tried anything too clever on this infernal machine.

I may, or may not, it is hard to tell what I did as I cant remember, have written something on Bard of Tweeddale that I shouldn’t have done. No great harm done, not my bank details or a poisson pen letter to my ex-wife’s boyfriend, at least I hope not. It was probably quite harmless in fact, but it shouldn’t have been written. Oh no. So I deleteted it. And now I can’t find it to know what it was I deleted. As I say, rather late here and I am not entirely compost mental.

Apologies all round to any of you who thought I had something interesting to say when I didn’t. or probably didn’t. I think I need to use the lavatory. Or find it first.




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