Westward Oh?

Mannin University supports Bard of TweeddaleIt appears that Principal Stonebreaker is considering whether I would be better employed at Lyonesse House, Belshade College’s outpost in far west Cornwall. I do not think it is demotion so much as retribution. She has been most peculiar ever since the incident in the potting shed after the mid-summer eve party. You might note that I have not written of the incident and nor have I any intention of doing so. Indeed, I have been remiss in not writing of anything for a terribly long time and my agent has noticed and pressed me to be more engaged with my readers. Of the potting shed incident, all I shall say is I was firm and quite insistent and as a result I am exiled to Cornwall. I do not object too much. Distance between myself and Belshade and in particular between myself and our principal would be welcome and Cornwall is extraordinarily pretty.

The only decision is whether to commute back to Avebury at the weekends or rent out the house here and decamp to Cornwall full-time. As accommodation at Lyonesse comes with the position that would make sense financially. Of course, there are the cats to consider, though I suspect Boris and Tusker could fend for themselves even without Mrs Pumphrey’s care and devotion. I have noted that there are no restrictions on ‘pets’ at Lyonesse House, though I have never entirely regarded Boris and Tusker as my ‘pets’ and I suspect that neither have they.

Lyonesse House
Lyonesse House, Trewissick

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