The parish of Avebury has been my home for some twenty-three years and while regular employment often took me away to Swindon and further afield I find semi-retirement and my modest income from writing and editorial work allows time to explore and enjoy its quiet pleasures and more often than not I am content to rattle about within the parish bounds.

The great majority of visitors to Avebury come for its world famous stone circle and I suppose one can scarcely complain of that. Our ancient temple is unique in the world while the village has no particular claim on the world’s attention, or, so it would appear, on the attention of the county council who can be tardy when it comes to keeping the roads open in winter when the tourists are so much fewer or indeed upon The National Antiquities Trust charged with protecting the stone circle and who sometimes look upon the village as an unwanted interloper among their stones!

As youth now say, “enough already”. Avebury is a charming place to live and if our temple can sometimes be a trying neighbour it also gives the village an exoticism and income that many villages sorely lack. If we suffer for our fame, we must also be grateful for it.

Naturally, while there has been a great deal written about our ancient temple rather less has been said about the village itself and precious little on what it is for Avebury to share its parish with a world famous antiquity. So, to any wishing to know about the stones of Avebury I suggest they call here for my corner of the interweb has other concerns in mind.


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