By the pricking of my thumbs

The Henge ShopThe Henge Shop sells nothing needful to the Avebury locals, if one discounts prisms of spectral glass, ley line finders, facsimiles of ancient books of magick, and candy rock with the name of Avebury down its centre as needful things, but we all must make a living. I cannot complain too much as I am certain any number of readers of Acts of the Servant are exactly those who would find such things not only needful but essential!

Though on reflection, perhaps no one other than a five-year-old finds candy rock essential.

white vanWhat manner of rough beast is this?Nevertheless, I was taken aback to find this van parked across the road from the Henge Shop this morning. No doubt it was making a delivery and many of Heart of Albion’s books are indeed ‘frighteningly good’ but I confess the sight unsettled me. What manner of creature it is, I cannot say. A cross between a faun and a hedgehog is the nearest I could guess. It certainly is not the Devil Himself as He, it is well-known, has cloven hooves and this creature has toes. Perhaps it has no clear identity and is only the work of the artist’s fevered imagination: indeed, Tamburlaine MacGregor says that the uncanny never shows itself for what it truly is but only ever manifests as what we suppose it to be. I only hope that if it ever shows itself to me it will take on a more pleasant form.

Bought a ham and cheese pie and tin of peas at the post-office general stores and treated myself to four of their delicious Wiltshire-made flapjacks.


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