On Returning From Skye

Apologies to those who thought me vanished in the mists. Truth is, as ever, far more prosaic. I returned home to discover South-West Water had inadvertently severed the phone line to my cottage and have been incommunicado, save for the daily deliveries of the postman. I note that Van Zelden appears concerned for me, but suggest you do not take his sincerity for granted.

Bard of Tweeddale supports the Isle of Skye Accordion and Fiddle ClubI shall write more on Skye, and in particular my attempt upon the Quiraing, presently, for, despite severely inclement weather and the attentions of an impressively large ram, I did very nearly make it into the heart of that extraordinary natural wonder before the vicious brute forced my retreat, bruised and with some damage to my dignity.

Meantime, the publisher has requested I present some extracts of the restored text of the Anniversary Edition to entice readers and, no doubt, encourage orders in advance of publication! This I am glad to do. You may access the extracts here

Edenborough King James University supports Bard of Tweeddale


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