Glesgie, Glasgae, but never Glasgow!

An agreeable day’s journey: a mix of working upon the restoration of Acts of the Servant and gazing from the train window. Arrived in Glasgow six pm and took a taxi to hotel. Driver may as well have been from Mars for all the useful conversation we had. Hotel staff better prepared for ‘foreign’ visitors and able to make myself understood and still more remarkably, understand them. Evening meal tolerable, if dull. Ordered porridge for breakfast – when in Rome, etcetera. Disappointed – no, that is not the word: dejected, perhaps – to find not a single Tamburlaine MacGregor title at the bookshop on Glasgow South RR Station. They did, however, have Minding The Gap, Hendryk van Zelden’s latest piece of nonsense. “Between Reality & Perception”, indeed, well I perceive a man who smells money and in reality is rich as Croesus. But enough on him, or I shall sound embittered.

It is gone midnight now, and I must close. Arrive Portree late afternoon tomorrow and then have all of Wednesday free before giving my talk to the Skye Historical Society on Thursday evening. Have not been on the island for many years but trust little will have changed. It will be curious to revisit the place, having now read so much on it in MacGregor’s Journal and in Acts of the Servant. I wonder which will seem more real, the written word or the evidence of my eyes. Or will they fight, horribly!

There are voices outside on the street. A night in Glasgow may be less likely to leave one at the local hospital these days, but it seems the nights are still lively, and long. I am to bed. With ear-plugs, if necessary.


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