Northward, Ho!

I have this evening packed my bags and in the morning am travelling, yet again, though with rather more brightness in my heart than obtained in my unfortunate excursion to Lunden. Tomorrow evening and night I am in Glasgow (Heaven help me!) but on the following day I travel on through far more delightful scenery and thence over the sea To Skye!

staffin inn

The august members of the Skye Historical Society (that is the translation – it is far too late in the evening for Gaelic!) have asked me to lecture them on MacGregor”s depiction of their island in This Iron Race. I am to stay first at the Royal Hotel in Portree and then for a few days at Staffin Bay, the setting for so much of Acts of the Servant and its sequels.

It seems that my lodgings at Staffin Bay was once the Staffin Inn and the very same MacGregor  depicted in Acts of the Servant, though I note it has since lost its lime-washed walls.

I anticipate rain and gales, and perhaps snow, but at least at this time of year Skye will be free of that peculiarly Scottish pestilence, the midge!


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